Learn more about the community who will be supporting you for Thrive Wellness Retreat in Bali. Dates for January 2020 coming soon.

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HosT & detox Guide

Lyndsay Lee

Lyndsay is an expert in digestion and detox, and is an advocate for mindfulness and plant-based living. Her programs use the body as foundation in which individuals explore the concepts of thriving (not just surviving), living to their fullest potential and staying clean and active for joy and greater purpose. 

She has impacted thousands through her work specializing in:

  • Gut-brain connection; nutrition therapy and harnessing the powerful frequency of food and water to thrive.

  • The digestive system; cleanse, detox and cellular regeneration.

  • Mindfulness, movement, manifestation and the inherent connection between the three.

  • Breaking through mental limitations and taking aligned action from a place of real, holistic health.


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Guest yoga instructor & transformational powerhouse

Nadine McNeil

Jamaican by birth, Universal by outlook, Nadine McNeil is a force of all things good. She is a yoga teacher, speaker, transformational coach and humanitarian (who worked for the United Nations for twenty years!). Her mission to facilitate change and healing through sharing the tenets of yoga with a wide range of communities ignites transformation on deep levels.

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Frederique Nault, ND

Frédérique is a licensed Naturopath & Certified Herbalist. She is skilled in a wide range of healing modalities and is passionate about herbal medicine with a deep knowledge base in Indonesian herbalism. Her treatments are drawn from a comprehensive range of therapies tailored to suit individuals according to particular needs.

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COLOn Hydrotherapy & Far infrared sauna

Cocoon Medical Spa

Cocoon Medical Spa is a wellness clinic in Ubud, Bali with a holistic view on facilitating thriving in an individual. Cocoon’s expertise is treating the whole person; from the inside out. Their team is professional, with a passion for facilitating life-changing results to their clients.


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Wayan’s Coconut JuiceBar

100% organic, locally sourced, made with LOVE fresh pressed juice. Wayan is somewhat of a legend in the bustling island city of Ubud. If you’re drinking juice in Ubud, it’s better when it’s Wayan’s! Her commitment to integrity and love speak volumes through the taste and vibrancy of her product.


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Jillian Rabe

Jillian Rabe is a special events Producer with international breadth in project history.  Deeply passionate for enabling a positive experience throughout the process, Jillian is dedicated to creating environments that offer a platform for connectivity, balance, growth, and community. With a newfound passion for the world of health and wellness from the inside out, Jillian works behind the scenes and onsite to help ensure the very best experience during the cleanse.


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Jessica Keaveny

Jessica Keaveny is a self taught, natural light documentary / lifestyle photographer. With a passion for telling stories, by capturing the perfect moment - she loves to encourage the energy of flow, celebration, and the experience of relaxing into yourself. A very special thank you to Jessica for attending and participating in Thrive Wellness Retreat’s inaugural trip. Many of the photos on this website were taken by Jessica. www.jessicakeaveny.com

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massage therapist

Balinese Local Therapist(s)

Massage therapies offered by a range of skilled, local, certified Balinese massage therapists who are passionate about encouraging detox and healing through traditional Balinese massage practices.