Thrive Wellness Retreat is a space to seek clarity within and return to your natural state of Being: which is To THRIVE. It’s equal parts restoration, relaxation & true health education.

Life can be everything you want it to be. By cleansing the body through fasting and detox, you learn so much about what is right for your soul.

“What you are seeking, is also seeking you.” 

            - Rumi 


Welcome to Thrive Wellness Retreat.

Our upcoming Bali experience in January 2020 is 7 days, 6 nights with 5 days fasting for a fully guided detox and cleanse experience for your mind, body and soul. As part of Thrive Wellness Retreat, you and guests from around the globe, will take a journey into fasting with live-in detox specialist, Lyndsay Lee. A mix of both retreat & relaxation with education and preparation for a better way of living when you leave, Thrive is a completely transformational experience to not only cleanse the physical body but rid the mind of negative mental patterns and heal within the power of a collective community for the week. 


Why Thrive? And the healing powers of Mother Bali.

We are naturally designed to thrive, not simply survive. Most of the world operates in survival, and many don’t even know just how good, energetic, positive and healthy they can feel.

Thrive is designed to empower you to come bak to the heart of You and reignite your natural inner vitality.

Why Bali? She is a powerhouse in and of herself and most say this Fire Island is alive and well; the combination of active volcanoes throughout the Indonesian archipelago and daily offerings to the land and spirits make for a powerful meeting point of healing energy, vital life force energy and transformational opportunity.

Come explore all that She has to offer, and you might be surprised at what she presents.


Connecting through healing and shared experience.

The healing power of a collective is often underrated. At Thrive Wellness Retreat, we believe in fostering an environment that is both supportive to the individual experience as well as group transformation.

This collective space is waiting for your personal magic. Our team is looking forward to connecting with you soon!